Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Baby Cream for Cough and Flu

Baby cough (Source: Internet)
If you have a baby having cough or flu, maybe you should try to apply Baby Herbal Cream Tropika to your baby.

It can make your baby feel pleasant. It can help to reduce your baby cough and flu.

It contains virgin coconut oil, garlic, ginger and eucalyptus oil.

In Malaysia, this cream is so popular and it had been used to many babies in Malaysia.

You as a parent should not feel stress when your baby having cough and flu, you should also have better sleep during this time, so that you can have a good rest and full energy to work and take care of your baby.

Baby Herbal Cream Tropika is save and have been certified by Ministry of Health Malaysia with reference number: NOT 150604372 K.

The price of this product is RM 39.90

You can call/message/whatsapp 012-8984520 for more information.

We can send directly to you or send to you via postage which normally will be arrived within 1-3 days.


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